P03. Mirall


Framing, capturing and transforming.
An artifact-landscape, fragmented and fragmentable, that creates a dialogue with its environment, capturing and returning it transformed to the observer, giving rise to two antithetical and complementary ways of looking: of seeing at the same time as being seen. Contemplating it, or immersing yourself in it.
Six mirrors on metallic frames, with adjustable, jointed legs that have bidirectional hinges, allowing numerous geometric designs.


Location Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa (Spain)

Year 2020

Client Private

Photography Pep Sau

Type Ephimeral

Status Built

Awards FAD Awards 2021 selected

"Cuvilliés pavilion was designed so that a spectator situated at any cardinal point and looking through one of the windows could also see the reflections of the windows to the left and right side of the window through which he was looking. The "king's view" was the invisible central point from which all directions and all perspectives emerged."

Dan Graham