About us

We work by continually searching in a way that deepens and, at the same time moves away, to reach the essential, helped by timeless principles that allow us to reduce spaces, objects, ideas and images to the nature of things, to that which is primary and primitive. Far from literal, inflexible and closed validations, we are interested in what the projects provoke, what they transmit, what they induce and the relationships they establish with the individual and with the place and its context. We perceive architecture as a patient process where the complexities of each layer that makes up the project are resolved from the simplicity of a conceptual integrity.

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Carrer Bisbe Lorenzana 4, 1o 17800 Olot (Girona). Spain
(+34) 972 077 843


To apply to the studio please submit a portfolio and cv in PDF (10MB max) to